Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Like About You...

I am sitting in my cute suite in Plantation, FL.  It's a cloudy day and 69 degrees, and I have rehearsal soon.  But I am so very happy to be here.  Last night, after the most hellacious travel experience of all time, I finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale, having missed opening night due to the blizzard in NYC.  I stopped at the hotel to check in and put my contacts in, and headed right to the theatre, as I was on for the Groupie.  Despite the long travel day(s) and frustration, I was SO ready to jump right back onstage. When it was over and my body ached all over (as if to say "What the HELL did you just do to me!?"), the only feeling I had was GRATITUDE.  I love my job so much.  I love this show so much.  And I love these PEOPLE so much.  I think you need to know how amazing they are.  And we all know they are amazing in the show, so I am going to concentrate on what you may NOT know about them from seeing them rock out.  Ahem:  In honor of my love for my ROA family, I present to you:  WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU:  The Cast Edition!

In Alphabetical Order:

To MiG Ayesa (Stacee Jaxx):  I love YOUR love for your beautiful wife Simi, how you light up when you talk about her, and are so proud to be her man. 

To Angela Brydon (Waitress #1):  I love how comfortable you are in your own skin, and your willingness to accept all of us exactly as we are.  Jersey needs to turn out a couple more of you, girl.

To Joey Calveri (Joey Primo):  I love that you march to the beat of your own drummer, I love your opinions and philosophies and deep thoughts, even though I think some of them are crazytown!  :)

To Nick Cordero (Dennis):  I love your chill vibe, your deep and juicy creative spirit, and your total commitment to our ROAdy Productions videos.  There's a REASON why you are Obi Wan Cordero!

To Rebecca Faulkenberry (Sherrie):  I love your ability to keep perspective and balance.  I love your genuine and warm smile and how you are always PRESENT in a conversation.  And your boobs are awesome too.

To Lindsay Janisse (Young Groupie and Dance Captian extraordinaire): I love your silliness, your commitment to health and wellness, and the quiet command you have in any situation. You are a total star, even with Lupe having her WORST day.

To Sean Jenness (Booth Master):  I love that under all of the ridiculous vocal riffs and shots of Jameson, you are 100% trustworthy, 100% genuine, and 100% supportive.  I truly value your opinions and I see how supportive you are of everyone else.

To Holly Laurent (Swing Power!) I love your ability to stay cool and calm in stressful situations.  I love your comfort in knowing who you are.  And I really see you as a nurturer.  Mostly because you can hold people's hair when they puke and don't end up puking yourself.  Love you girl!

To Patrick Lewallen (Lonny):  I love your simultaneous puppy dog excitement and chill vibe.  I see you as the mascot of the show, and I love watching you discover how freaking much you can do with your talent.  You are NOT just a karaoke DJ, honey.

Constantine Maroulis (Drew):  I love how you rally the troops and organize Monday Night Football, impromptu hotel parties, and good times!  And yes, your hair does smell great. :)

Lauralyn McClelland (Constance Sack):  I love your brilliant sense of humor, and cannot wait for the day you are on SNL. Also, I love your capacity for LOVE.  Your sensitivity toward others is so beautiful.

Rashad Naylor (Ja'Keith/Mayor):  I love your ability to take everything into perspective.  I love your joy, your discipline, your impromptu lyrical dances and lip smacks, and your nasty nasty ad libs!!

Josh Sassanella (Swing Power!):  I love your work ethic, your absolute creativity (and mastery of imovie), and your willingness to lovingly smack me down when I'm being unreasonable.  And I love that your sense of humor is a mirror to mine.  I also love your balance between man and little boy.  Until there is too much little boy.  Then we get in a fight. 

Teresa Stanley (Justice):  I love your quiet, calm, wise, motherly vibe.  There isn't a selfish bone in your body, and your compassion for others is beyond measure.  You are trustworthy, dependable, and completely fierce.

Casey Tuma (Regina):  I love your generosity and thoughtfulness, your compassion for others, and your fabulous taste in food and shopping.  :).  I also love your enthusiasm for keeping us all together with game nights, outings, etc.  Miss Class President!

Bret Tuomi (Hertz):  I love your dependability.  You are one of the pillars of the company- stoic, strong, consistent, and willing.  And, although you keep it on the QT, you are freaking hilarious.

Travis Walker (Franz):  I love your love for 90's hip hop and R&B.  I love your connection to family and good friends, and I love that you never try to be anything other than the star you are.  Genuine, heart of gold, funny as hell.

J. Michael Zygo (or just Zygo, Swing Power!):  I love that you came in here late in the game, knew your shit, put up with people calling you "Not Dan," and still it feels like you've been here since the beginning.  You are HILARIOUS and creative and I want you and Jill to have babies when Brian and I have babies so they can be best friends and get married. 

I also want to send a huge shout out to the management, tech, merch, and band peeps and intend to shout you out individually as well, but if I do it now I will be fired for missing rehearsal.  I love you guys and am so proud to be in this family.