Friday, October 14, 2011

Do you trust me? A RANT.

Tonight I went to see my brother, John Shannon, play at a bar in Pittsburgh.  Now if you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE loyal supporter of my family and ALL of my siblings, but this is the thing.  If you call yourself my friend and you haven’t ever downloaded any of my brother’s music or been to see him in one of his MANY NYC or Pittsburgh (or L.A., etc) shows, I have one thing to say to you.  SHAME ON YOU.  
I get it.  You get the Facebook invite from me inviting you to John’s show.  You think it’s really sweet that I support my brother.  But you simply DON’T GET IT.  Now, I am a bulldog of a big sister, but I am also PICKY and have REALLY GOOD TASTE.  And if my brother’s music were a piece of shit, I wouldn’t ask you to go.  I would play out my sisterly duties with pride, in a more private manner.  But my brother’s music is f*cking brilliant.  It’s transcendent and complex and sometimes it ROCKS in the dirtiest of ways and sometimes it makes you want to sit outside in silence and stare at the sky for no reason.  And if you are a freaking human being on this planet, there are plenty of opportunities for both.  It’s UNIVERSAL and it’s AWESOME. 
Do you trust me?  Have I not given you good advice?  Have I not told you stories that make you laugh?  Have I not taught you something at some point in all of those classes at the studio or gym?  Please get off your ass.  Go to itunes.  And download some music by my brother, John Shannon.  Because even if he WEREN’T my little brother, I would be ranting just like this.  It’s THAT important, and it’s THAT good.  For real.  Stop thinking it’s cute that I’m a good sister.  And show up for art and creativity and brilliance.  NOW.
John Shannon and the Wings of Sound: Songs From The Desert River (his most recent)
John Shannon:  American Mystic
Waking Vision:  Of The Waking Vision
Waking Vision: Into High Selva
Waking Vision Trio: The Ancient Bloom
For real.  I am not messing around.  It’s because I love you and I want you to realize I’m not just posting shit for my brother.  I’m posting it because it’s freaking amazing.  

Go.  Now.  



  1. YES! It is freaking brilliant, and I'm not related.

  2. Oh WOW! I never got an invite! :-( However, I just you tubed your brother, and I am obsessed. Such a great sound! AMAZBALLS! :-)